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Are Solar Panels Right For Your Home?

Many Texans are reaping the benefits of solar panels, with a projection of significant growth over the next ten years thanks to lower solar panel costs and geography that compliments their abilities. However, solar panels aren’t for every home. Take a look at these factors that may hinder your solar panel installation in Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX:

Too much shade around the home is the most commonly seen reason to not install solar panels. Trees and other structures on and around the property can have a negative impact on the amount of sunlight that reaches the roof throughout the day, thus hindering panel efficacy.

Poor rooftop conditions is another issue we see. Ideally, your roof should have south or west exposure for the highest impact, but this is not a requirement. Solar panels can easily be mounted on all types of roofing materials.

If you plan to move in the next two years, waiting to invest in solar panels until you’re in your new home is the best course of action. This ensures you get the highest ROI.

When building a home, adding solar panels into the plan from the start will lower your installation costs and make the process smooth from start to finish.

Ultimately, your DFW solar panel installation is up to you, but these are important things to take into consideration prior to making a final decision. It also may be possible to mount your panels on a carport or the ground if your rooftop is not an ideal location.

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