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Should I Replace My Roof Before Selling?

When you decide to sell your home, every decision you make can impact how well it goes. You have to be smart about any updates and repairs you make in order to have your home sell quickly and at an ideal price. While it may seem that obvious updates are the best path to selling well, it’s actually structural, practical things that are most important. This includes your roof.

Signs You Need a New Roof

A faulty roof will quickly diminish the value and overall appeal of a home, and basic repairs will not help. So, you may be wondering if this applies to your roof. Consider the following things to help you decide if your roof should be replaced prior to going on the market:

It’s outlived its lifespan— Mileage varies for each roof based on the materials that were used to build it, so it’s impossible to give an exact number of years. However, a professional can come take a look and give you a good idea of where you’re at in the journey. An asphalt roof can run you up to 20 years, while a metal roof is more like 50 years, so there is a major variance. If your current roof is approaching or has passed its lifespan, you should definitely replace it before you list. An inspector will also, most likely, not pass the roof if it’s at this point.

Multiple repairs have already been made in the past— A properly installed roof should not need repairs unless there’s been sustained damage from an outside force, such as a tree falling onto it. However, if you have a roof that was incorrectly installed, then it’s going to have issues with leaks and caving, which will require repairs. A certified inspector from HNL Construction can come out and let you know if your roof was installed correctly or not, and if it requires replacement.

Higher than average utility bills— A faulty roof can cause your utility bills to skyrocket, so take note of what you’ve been paying and compare it to the usage of your neighbors. Buyers will be put off by an inefficient home, and replacement is the only route to take.

A Worthy Investment

We know that a new roof is expensive, but the ROI is around 60% and is more than worth it in the end. HNL Construction is here to help you decide if a new roof is right for you and will have it installed in no time. Count on us to help your home sell quicker!

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