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Commercial Roofing

We’re experts in all things commercial roofs. HNL Construction has years of experience and training in repairing, maintaining and replacing commercial roofs.  From repairs to replacements to insurance claims, we know our stuff. We help you stay on top of necessary repairs in order to extend the life of your roof and keep your customers, clients and staff safe while inside your building, and will do full replacements when you do need them. Whether you have metal, PVC, TPO, elastomeric or something else, we’re here to get the job done quickly and correctly so you can get back to business as usual.

HNL Construction takes great pride in using only the best materials and time-tested techniques to ensure your roof is as reliable and safe as possible. We know that a safe commercial building is a number one priority for business owners, and we take that very seriously. Our commitment to you and your business is as real as it gets. 

Dallas Commercial Roof Services

It’s traditional for commercial roofs to be flat or low-sloped, which can result in water buildup when there is precipitation. This accumulation can eventually cause cracks and/or leaks over the years, and you certainly do not want that. In order to keep your roof as safe as possible, a few of our services include:

Roof Replacement

It is our firm belief that re-roofing your commercial building should have as little impact as possible on your day to day operations. Whether you need a total replacement due to normal aging, a severe storm, or you just want a dramatic makeover, HNL has your business covered all the way.

Roof Repairs

Whether it’s a minor leak to a major emergency problem, HNL Construction is here to handle the job. In order to protect your customers and inventory, we will place a tarp over problem areas until we’re able to get it fixed. We know how crucial a commercial building’s roof is, so we’re committed to getting repairs and replacements done quickly.

Roof Inspections

HNL Construction’s team of top commercial building roof inspectors are fully licensed and certified, meaning your business is in the best of hands. We prioritize education on current local building codes to be certain every customer is completely up to code when we’re done with their roof. Not only will annual roof inspections extend your roof life, they will save you money significantly over the years.

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Reach out to one of our licensed, certified roofing experts in DFW today for a no-cost estimate!

When your Dallas’s business’s commercial roof requires repairs or a replacement, HNL Construction has it handled. We’re equipped to take on every size job, from tiny holes to a full replacement on a huge building. Maybe you think a roof replacement is too costly and can be put off, but that roofing problems can quickly spiral out of control and cause major disruptions to your business. You certainly don’t want to sustain damage to inventory or supplies, or risk injury to a customer or employee. The risk isn’t worth it, so contact HNL Construction for a free estimate.

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