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Storm Damage

When severe weather hits your neighborhood, you immediately cross your fingers that your home is safe from damage. From lightning, tornadoes, hail and flooding, mother nature can do a number on your home. In the aftermath of severe weather, it’s important that you take a look at your home to check for any issues. Flooding from rain and fire from a lighting strike are obvious, but don’t forget to check for dings from hail and missing structural or roofing pieces from the wind. 

Move Quickly

In order to ensure the safety of your family and home, you need to handle these things as soon as you can. We offer temporary board-up services to help prevent liability concerns, and are able to work with your insurance company when necessary to expedite the process and get things taken care of. 

HNL Construction has the knowledge and skills needed to repair mother nature’s damage to your Irving home, and we’re committed to getting it done right.

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If your home has sustained damage from a storm, reach out to HNL Construction today. From hail to flooding to wind and fire damage, we have the skills to handle any task. We’ll have one of our experts come out and take a look at the storm damage to your Irving, TX home and get it taken care of in no time at all. You can count on us to get the job done right every time.

water leak home property damage repair


Flooding of any kind can cause so many issues, especially if left unattended. You need a water damage expert from HNL in Irving to come take a look as soon as possible. Immediately following flooding, it’s crucial that a professional takes a look. The sooner you can get it taken care of, the less risk you run of mold, mildew and rot.

Fire Damage

Heavy storms can result in fire damage from lightning strikes and downed power lines. HNL Construction has the experience required to handle every degree of exterior fire damage, and want to get you back into your home quickly. We are safe, quick and up to code, so you can count on us to handle the task with the utmost precision.
Hail damage to a metal roof

Hail Damage

Irving weather can certainly be extreme. Thunderstorms and tornadoes both come with hail at times, which can result in significant wear and tear on your home. Hail can be quite brutal, at times the size of softballs. This can easily result in holes in windows, skylights and roofs. Luckily, HNL Construction understands Irving weather, and has the skills to handle your hail damaged home and get it back up and running quickly.
Natural disasters effect on property. A tree falls on a family home in a suburban neighborhood

Wind Damage

From sudden bursts to tornado-esque winds, a lot of damage can be caused very quickly. From chipped siding from debris or missing roof shingles that have to be repaired, we can take care of it for you. We’ll come out and take a look so we can rebuild your curb appeal asap!
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