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Signs your siding needs an assist

Maybe we have you convinced that paying attention to your siding is important, but we haven’t told you what to look for when deciding if it truly needs a pick me up. Maybe you go take a peek and it’s just a bit rundown, but there’s no visible damage. Great! Just keep an eye on it in the future. However, you may find some true damage, so let’s talk about the most serious ones:

1. Broken/damaged siding

Broken siding is pretty ugly, yes, but you should take a deeper look just in case. While it can be an obvious indicator, it’s one you should take seriously because it can harbor secrets such as mold, mildew and bug and animal infestations that can be awfully expensive to remedy.

2. Mold and Mildew

When siding is made from porous materials such as wood, it creates an ideal environment for mold and mildew to flourish. This is not a concern for concrete and brick siding, but does apply to most other materials used. If mold is present, the entire surrounding area must be removed to keep everyone safe.

3. rot

Rot happens where there is broken siding, typically. Occasionally, mold will be present, but not always. Check for broken pieces then look around those areas for signs of rotting. Any rotted pieces need to be completely removed in order to be safe.

4. decreased home insulation

You may not know it, but your siding might be negatively impacting your heating and cooling bills. Holes in the siding can be allowing warm and cold air to travel in and out, making your electricity work even harder. If your bills are a bit high, go give your siding a closer look.

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