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Will Insurance Cover My New Roof?

For obvious reasons, insurance companies deem roofs to be one of the most critical parts of your home. They are meant to protect the home and its occupants from natural elements, while also protecting the company itself from costly claims stemming from flooding and other catastrophic damage. They’re acutely aware that if a roof is already damaged, the likelihood of more costly damage in the future is heightened and they’ll end up paying more in the long run. However, it’s becoming more common for insurers to be restrictive with their coverage, and many will refuse to cover aging roofs, so you might be wondering if your roof will be covered should you need a new one.

What Types of Damage Does Insurance Cover?

Traditionally, dwelling coverage that is included in homeowners insurance will protect the entirety of your home’s structure from common damage from hail, fire and wind. This means that a fire stemming from a lightning strike or damage from hail will most likely be at least partially covered.

Will There Be a Deductible?

More than likely, there will be. Every policy is different, but there is usually a deductible to be paid before your insurance will pay to repair or replace a roof. Also, there will be a coverage limit, so it’s crucial that you read through your insurance policy completely in order to have a better understanding of what, exactly, to expect. There is the possibility that your insurance has exclusions for events such as hail or wind, so be sure you know what’s in your policy prior to committing to anything.

What About a Leaky Roof?

Barring any exclusions listed in your policy, your homeowners insurance should cover any leaks stemming from incidences such as hail, wind or fire.

What is Not Typically Covered?

Again, every policy is unique, but typically homeowners insurance does not cover any damage that is the result of neglect or normal wear and tear. Usually, only sudden or accidental damage is covered, so it’s important that you determine the cause prior to reaching out to your insurance company. HNL Construction does in-depth roofing inspections for this very reason, so contact us today if you’d like to know what’s happening with your roof!

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